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A MONTH or two, to the ruling NRM Party Delegates conference, State Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi who doubles as Mityana North Constituency legislator has offered himself for the Vice Chairman NRM Central region top job.

Hon. Kiwanda poster out

He is likely to tussle it out with the incumbent Alhaj Abdul Nadduli, money bag Hon. Sam Kahemba Kutesa, Lwengo LC V boss George Mutabaazi and others.

Will Kutesa contest

The Kisoboka MP who is saluted for promoting Uganda Tourism to East Africa, Africa and outside the Black continet has revealed to us how he has all chances to emerge the winner over other contenders referring himself the best for this Party deployment.

Hon. Kiwanda, told this Online site that, “My experience, loyalty to NRM party and genuine love to our party Principal President Museveni will automatically aide me to kick out other contenders. We are comming to consolidate what has been done by the party, continue promoting and mobilize for NRM.”

Kibooko man Mutabaazi in race


He said, “NRM has six 6 chairperson positions. Buganda region is one of the constituencies. I am presenting myself this time with a one ticket. It’s a must win.”

“Last time I contested, but I was requested to allow the then bearer to have it. This time, given my experience, am unstoppable.” Revealed Kiwanda saying if you are to get the candidates in the region, Kiwanda is one of the best candidates that NRM has. 

A senior MP, Kiwanda joined the 7th Parliament at the age of 25. He missed the 8th Parliament. However, President Museveni appointed him Karamoja Resident District Commissioner (RDC), using this office to mobilize for NRM in the region. “Being a national leader, I know all the corners. Am in Acholi, Lango, Rwenzori, Kasese, Karamoja, Kigezi, etc. Am sure, Party delegates will massively vote for Kiwanda.” He said.

HUMBLE SERVANT: President Museveni with minister Kiwanda


When Mityana North sent Kiwanda back to Parliament in 2011, over 90 MPs in Buganda Caucus elected him their Chairman, deputised by opposition DP’s Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakireke. 

“During that time, a lot of things came to order. The relationship between Central government and Buganda Kingdom Improved greatly. We had several meetings between the two governments and very many things that were pending were able to be worked upon and returned to Mengo.” Said Kiwanda.

He noted that, the tension that was there between Mengo and Central government during the 8th Parliament which saw Kabaka’s CBS radio closed and then Katikkiro Owek. JB Walusimbi blocked from going to Kayunga, normalised in the 9th Parliament when he was steering the Buganda Caucus.

“Buganda Caucus for the first time ever, hosted the Katikkiro of Buganda at the Parliament during popular Ettoffaali project and we managed to mobilize colleagues who are non Baganda to stand with us. Thanks to these colleagues, for they contributed handsomely hear contribution to Buganda Kingdom.” Kiwanda told us.

During his chairmanship, Buganda Caucus bought two vehicles for the Kingdom.

“We did a lot of mobilization in villages which was actually very interesting and it added a lot of value in mobilization terms of economic empowerment, we went to schools as Buganda Parliamentary Caucus and we moved as a team; opposition and the ruling NRM MPs.” Kiwanda told us adding that, “It was in fact the last united caucus we have ever had in Buganda. Our Treasurer was Hon. Deogratius Kiyingi  from Democratic Party.  We worked as a team on matters of Buganda without looking at our political differences. That shows the mode of leadership and also the spirit of tolerance that we have in a person called Kiwanda.”

On the participation in Buganda activities, it is on record, during his leadership, the attendance of Buganda MPs Buganda Kingdom functions was the best ever. Over 50 plus members of Parliament used to attend these functions.

If you consider Kiwanda numbers with the ones attending such functions these days, the numbers are very low. Kiwanda played a pivotal role between NRM and opposition MPs, commanded respect and perfectly led them in participation to Kingdom functions.


Kiwanda said, he want to be the NRM Vice chairman in Buganda not only for those in NRM but for Buganda as a region. 

“You see, Buganda is a very big factor in the politics of Uganda. Am looking at Buganda politics and how to use this office mobilize for my party and Buganda as a region. If you want someone who ryms well with everyone in the region including the opposition, definately Kiwanda is the best candidate.” He said.

“On board for the region, am bringing energy, comming with experience and integrity.To me, the three are vital. We need a leader who is energetic, who has experience and a leader whose integrity is not doubtable.” Says Kiwanda. 

He saud, he will push for the four core Principles of NRM which includes; Nationalism, Pan Africanism,  Socio-economic transformation and Democracy. On his poster, it is written, ‘Continuation of the NRM Ideology.’

During the recent trekk, the President was talking about the Kisoboka campaign. In Kiboga, Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa told the president that, ‘What you see me doing here, I copied it from Hon. Kiwanda.’ Now Kiwanda is saying, Kisoboka is the production campaign, so he is comming with it.


When Kiwanda was appointed State minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, which ministry he proudly enjoys and enjoys working with people, statistics show, the ministry has since registered tremendous achievements.

He told us, “I have raised the numbers from 1.2M visitors to now almost 2M visitors a year.”

Tourism minister Kiwanda

He has led different campaigns in the ministry, campaigns like Tulambule, that increases the awareness of Ugandans about their country. This campaign is still running.

“I began another campaign called Twende Uganda Tourism campaign, raising awareness to the East African Countries to increase their visitations to our country. And I want to say, numbers from the region visiting Uganda has greatly increased.” Said Tourism minister Kiwanda. 

He led another campaign called Destination Uganda Tourism aiming at other African countries outside East Africa. It is continental. It has increased the visibility in countries like Egypt. 

He said, “The last one is Pearl of Africa Tourism campaign. This one is aiming the globe. All these campaigns have yielded results.  We have hired Public Relations (PR) firms that do campaign for us in almost 10 countries now which includes; Japan, Germany, China, United Arab Emirates (UAE), USA, UK, etc.All these PR firms help to increase our visibility in these nations in order to attract more visitors to our country.”

Kiwanda says, “this has helped us and I know tourism has brought tools to people ears, tourism is now discussed on bodaboda stages, in the bars, it has taken centre stage in both print and electronic media, taken a lead on social media.Even when the President went for trekking, the whole trekking turned as tourism. So really, am comming as Vice Chairman NRM Buganda region with vigor.”


About Buganda Kingdom expectations, Hon. Kiwanda said, it will be the continuation of the good working relationship. “The way I used to push Buganda Kingdom issues when I was the Buganda Caucus chairman, will be the same way when am elected Vice chairman NRM Buganda region.” He said. 
Speaking to this Online, Kiwanda said, as a Minister, he has worked very closely with  Buganda Kingdom tourism ministers and when Buganda Tourism chapter were Organizing Miss Tourism, “We worked togather, they allowed us to market the Kingdom tourism sites, our visitors have gone to Bulange several times, the story of Buganda it’self is a tourism story and am happy that we are indeed working togather to promote Buganda Kingdom culture.”

“We are also getting a fund any time from now and we will be working on the Kabaka’s lake, cleaning it that it becomes a tourism aspect. We will put up boats as the ministry of Tourism, there are some partners we are working with that this lake becomes a big tourism facility.” Revealed Kiwanda.


He still boast of his popularity and hard work, saying, nothing will block him from bouncing back in 2021 as Mityana North MP.

Kibedi Nsegumire, is one of those warming for Kiwanda’s seat. 

“We will have primaries, my teams are on ground. Am not going there as an intruder. I have carried out campaigns in Mityana North for some good years, studied from there, I have done a lot, and we are still performing. I have extended power, water, schools, improvement of roads, etc. We will comfortably win again.” Said Kiwanda.

Asked whether age limit ghost won’t haunt him and make him lose 2021 polls, Kiwanda says, “It depends on the explanation you do to the constituents. Actually for me i went to the constituency to give them the party resolution because, definately as Kiwanda I had nothing to change. It was a party position.”

“When CEC sit, comes up with a decission, NEC make a decission, so to the Caucus. And you as a legislator, some body who came on a party ticket, your part is to go and explain to the people. I definately explained to the people, moved to all parishes, ofcourse we faced hostility to some areas,  but I know, will go over it.” Explains the popular Miss Curvy reknown minister.

He said, “There are many reasons I will gI’ve voters. One, am a member of cabinet and we go by collective responsibility, and am sure my people benefits a lot when am a Minister,  and they know, I came to Parliament on NRM flag.”

“I may not be able to convince all opposition people but still, they will vote me for being bold on Buganda issues, being developmental and even on economic growth. With my Kisoboka campaign I have increased production in my area, wealth irrespective of our political difference. Those who think will unseat me, they are day dreamers, they wont manage. We will humiliate them.” Vows Hon. Kiwanda.


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