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By Meddie Kityo

MUHAMMAD Ssegirinya commonly known as ‘Eddoboozi ly’e Kyebando’ and remembered for carrying a tv set to Parliament in a protest against television subscription taxes has added ingredients in his intentions to contest and win Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Speakership warning opposition FDC party and ruling NRM not to waste time fronting their candidates because he is the best for this job.

His camp has been boosted by support from Amsterdam mayor and leaders who have pledged to give necessary support so that he win the race.

Councilor Sarah Power from Amsterdam city showing Ssegirinya support

Elections are expected anytime and Ssegirinya has vowed to trounce other contestants. So far, four councilors have confirmed their interest to contest for Speakership.

Addressing a rally in Kawempe where he represents as area councilor (KCCA) council,  Ssegirinya who eyes Kawempe North MP seat in 2021 said, no  contestant understands Kampala problems more than him because he is a Ghetto boy so can perfectly serve as KCCA Speaker. 

Amidist chants from his supporters, Ssegirinya said, “It’s you who sent me to KCCA. I have come for your blessings so that I win this race. FDC and NRM should give me because I am the strongest among all contenders but if they turn a deaf ear, let them front their candidates, I will embarrass them on the poling day.”

Clad in a black suite and a people power necktie,  Ssegirinya appealed to Kawempe people to give him support by calling their other area councilors to vote him.

“We don’t want a Speaker who has never stepped in the corridors of our Ghettos. You can’t preside over KCCA council when you don’t know how our market vendors are suffering, why taxi operators are fighting each other and why floods are sweeping away our people in Kampala. You know me, if it calls for a battle, I will to bring out our people voices.” Said Ssegirinya who won as an independent to the Authority.

Asked whether his comming won’t confuse opposition councilors and divide votes which benefits NRM candidate Bruhan Byaruhanga, Ssegirinya said his voters are in NRM,  FDC, DP and Independents.

“A day I declared my Intentions to contest for Speakership, eight councilors defected to my camp. Give me a few days, I only want other 11 councilors and I will be elected Kampala Speaker. KCCA with me as the Speaker, Kampala will change and the capital city will be enjoyed by all classes of people.” Said Ssegirinya.

On reports from some councilors that Ssegirinya dodges council meetings for international travels, he said, “We are elected to lobby for our voters. I went in America and other countries to consult powerful leaders on how they serve their people and also lobby for Kawempe people. I managed to return with a Cancer testing machines which will officially be launched by Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi. This is what other leaders must do,”

On whether he has enough qualifications for the job, Ssegirinya proudly asked, “All those contesting, who performed well in S. 6 than me? I got 17 points and passed General Paper.  Let any of those contesting say he or she performed better than me.”

Asked whether, if Lord  mayor give him a call, asking him to leave for his candidate Doreen Nyanjura, Ssegirinya who said Hon. Kyagulanyi okayed his standing,  vowed never calling Nyanjura the weakest candidate in the race.

He said, will organise rallies in all Kampala constituencies and ask electorates to call their councilors, vote for him.

Other contenders are; Haji Abubaker Kawalya (FDC), Bruhan Byaruhanga( (NRM) and Doreen Nyanjura (FDC).

Ssegirinya in council meeting


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