OPPOSITION Democratic Party top organ NEC sitting at the newly acquired Headquaters at Balintuma in Mengo, Kampala has today evenning fired embattled Sulaiman Sserwadda Kidandala from the office National Organizing Secretary and replaced him with Mr. Shafic Dembe in the capacity of Acting.

This has given Party President General Hon. Nobert Mao and his team a win with a very big margin against the party rebels.

According to a copy of NEC resolutions leaked to the News Editor Online, a motion to fire Kidandala was moved by Mr. Dick Lukyamuzi and Seconded by youth leaders Rita Nakyanzi and Christopher Okidi in a well attended meeting amidst tight security after goons allegedly hired by a clique of DP rebels attempted to disorganize NEC meeting.

Party Chairmen of three districts; Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono have been also removed and party top offices will be the care takers of these districts.

Kidandala whose fate of winning DP ticket for Kawempe North MP seat in 2021 has been spoilt, party top organ offended him for, “Defying NEC resolution, unilaterally suspended the registration process and launched a parallel process based on unauthorized forms.”

In NEC wise ruling, Masaka district led by EALA MP who doubles as National DP VP and Masaka district party chairman has been cleared to proceed with their elections since there were no petition against the process. Kidandala wanted to illegally block this process.

In fact NEC saluted the Masaka process that had so far followed the law to the later.


Quoting Article 18 of the Party Constitution, DP NEC resolution reads;

The National Executive Committee of the Democratic Party sitting at the party offices at Balintuma Road, Nakulabye, Kampala this 14th day of February, 2020.

WHEREAS the party approved a Road Map whose goal is to compile a National Members Register and to elect party leaders at all levels under the oversight of the NEC;

NOTING that the process of membership registration and election of branch and sub-branch leaders has been subverted leading to confusion among members;

NOTING that the National Organizing Secretary Mr. Sulaiman Kidandala in defiance of the NEC resolution, unilaterally suspended the registration process and launched a parallel process based on unauthorized forms;

NOW THEREFORE be it resolved by the NEC that:

  1. To ensure compliance with NEC directives, the said National Organizing Secretary, Mr. Sulaiman Kidandala, who has with impunity flouted NEC directives, is hereby suspended from office with immediate effect.
  2. The Deputy National Organizing Secretary Mr. Shafic Dembe is hereby delegated to perform the functions of the office of the National Organizing Secretary.
  3. The Management Committee is directed to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the Road Map so far, determine all pending petitions and report to the NEC at its next meeting.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, the leaders of the branch and sub-branch are directed to adhere to the NEC directive and use the white registration and return forms that bear the party seal. Furthermore, all registers and return forms shall be delivered to the party headquarters through the office of the Secretary General.


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