THE Archbishop of the Church of Uganda His Grace, The Most Rev. Dr. Stanely Ntagali has exclusively talked to us about how Rev. Isaac Mwesigwa from Kasaka – Gomba in Central Buganda Diocese who was kidnaped days ago, was dropped at a St. Peter’s Cathedral in Soroti last night.

Mwesigwa is a student and Uganda Christian University and he has an a test on Monday next week. He was kidnapped on Sunday night in Mukono only hishows car Reg. UAR 468D to be recovered on Tuesday in Sonde,  Mukono.

In a recorded audio, Archbishop has said, “I would like to thank all those who have been praying for Rev. Isaac Mwesigwa. I am here in Soroti where I came for my Pastoral visit. This morning, by God’s Grace he appeared at the Soroti  Cathedral and he reported to the Vica. I was lucky that he came to me.”

We have been reliably told, after Mwesigwa was taken at the Hotel where Archbishop spent a night.

“I want to tell you,  Rev. Isaac Mwesigwa is alive, thank you for praying God has protected him.” Said Archbishop Ntagali.

Asked about what Mwesigwa has told him, Dr. Ntagali told us, “It is a long story, I will not say all the details because he is very tired and traumatised but he is alive. So, thank you very much indeed.” 

“I have already talked to his wife, I have talked to the Bishop of Central Buganda, and I want to inform the whole Church and the whole nation that, God has protected him as he protected Daniel in the Lions den and as he protected Shadrac, Mesach and Abednego in the furnace and all came out alive.” A happily speaking Archbishop Ntagali told us. 

Without revealing much being a police case, Archbishop said where Rev. Isaac Mwesigwa has been, “It was real fire, it’s a long story I can’t tell it now. But we have to thank God. Now I am in touch with the Regional Police Commander in Soroti, they are going to take care and bring him home. So to his family, Central Buganda Diocese and all of you, Rev. Mwesigwa is now in safer hands and soon, will be brought back home. Am happy that all this happened when am in Soroti. Thank you for praying, God answers prayers, glory be to God.”

News editor team is doing everything possible to get to the roots of this story. We will faithful report back.


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