By Emma Mugejjera

SEXY Kabalore district Woman Member of Parliament  Sylivia Rwabwogo who recently hit headlines over suing a 25yrs old student Brian Isiko for sending her sweet love messages is in trouble, Hon. Bobi Wine’s people power has finalized preparations to unseat her and front youthful Lilian Kobugabe who recently graduated at Ndejje University.

Rwabwogo is offended for what some people call torturing a fellow youth yet the MP, as a leader had better ways to resolve this but not imprisoning Isiko.

Lillian Komugabe shares this school of thought.

She said, “Yes as a leader, Hon. Rwabwogo would have known that she leads people of different characters. Someone who is above 18yrs sends you love texts and you run to courts of law? Rwabwogo embarrassed us as Kabalore people. She would instead be in news for fighting against poor health services in the district, poor schools and unemployment of our youth but not for sex scandals.” People Power’s Lilian Kobugabe said recently while
meeting a section of youth in the district.

Kobugabe told them, “Now Kabalore is known about Rwabwogo’s scandal. Our pregnant mothers are walking long distances to get antenatal care due to lack of adequate health facilities in the district, so to schools were you find especially our girls walking long distances at night to and from schools. Every body would expect our woman member of Parliament to be a voice for these women and our girls but she has been busy with court battles against a youth over just love texts.”

In the meeting, Kobugabe vowed to unseat Rwabwogo so that Kabalore gets a voice in Parliament.

“Hon. Rwabwogo is ever quiet in the House only to be seen voting to lift presidential age limit and mobile money tax. Did she consult us before taking that side? Who then authorized her? It is enough, let her not waste time and funds to return in 2021, Kabalore is ready to
substitute her with an effective voice.” Kobugabe said.

For starters, Kabalore Woman Member of Parliament Sylvia Rwabwogo started receiving calls in November 2017 from a stranger who would profess love to her.

The calls and messages got so frequent that she reported him to the police.

Isiko was sentenced to two years in prison for what court said was harassment of the MP but later, he appealed the ruling.

Rwabwogo had told court that, “One of the texts that provoked my fears said: ‘I love you so much and want to protect you. My love is for you alone and since there is no one taking care of you, I will do it.’”

Rwabwogo said she received several more calls and more than 10 messages and that one time her stalker sent a text asserting that he had failed to sleep at night and all on his mind were only thoughts about her.

The trial magistrate Kamasanyu asked him why he was stalking a woman almost twice his age.

But Isiko innocently retorted: “Everything she [Ms Rwabwogo] said is correct. I wanted her to become a personal friend. I ask for forgiveness. I also wanted her to give me ideas on how to run my poultry project. I did not have any bad intention. In fact, that is why I agreed to meet her so that we could talk.”

Now Kobugabe says, their MP embarrassed them when she chose to battle with a youth over what she called useless matters instead of counseling him.

“Leaders must be accommodative and good listeners. Why take a decision without listening to your sixth sense?” She asked.

Born to late Joseph Byamukama and Ms. Kajoina of Kabalore, Kobugabe attended Railway Primary School in Kasese, Mugusu Primary School in Mugusu Parish in Kabalore, Kyebambe Girls for O and A Levels.

She joined Shimon PTC and awarded a Grade three Certificate and later went to Ndejje University where she graduated from recently. Kobugabe has a Bachelors in Business management.

She told excited Kabalore youth that she is coming as an independent but with People Power blessings  and promised to be a voice that will lobby for facilitated health centres, schools in different subcounties, training and skilling youth so that they can start up their jobs, helping farmers in the district and better laws for a girl child.

However, Sylivia Rwabwogo camp looks not to be mover.


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