PHOTO: Kitatta (left) with his boss SPA Hadijah Namyalo.NRM youth say, Kitatta is fighting Namyalo


A PETITION to sack Ibrahim Al-Malik Kitatta, the district chairperson Lwengo district has been signed by NRM youth led by Sadam Ismail accusing him of frustrating the operations in the Office of National Chairman (ONC) Kyambogo and fighting chief muzzukulu Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye.
Sadam Ismail the chief Petitioner, with over 100 other Petitioners belong to the NRM and are staunch supporters of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the ‘Jjajja tova ku main, sigala ku ballot’ 2026 mass campsign.

We are overzealous and very enthusiastic in pursuit of our cause to request and demand our Jajja the President to stand again as the President of Uganda come 2026 under the theme ‘Jajja tova ku main, sigala ku ballot’ under our umbrella and guidance of the Chief Muzukulu Hajjat Uzeiya Hadijah Namyalo.
The Nigerian Philosophers eulogized that ‘One rotten tomato in a basket spoils the whole barrel.’ This anomaly is resolved by simply eliminating the rotten tomato and save the rest.
The purpose of this Petition is premised on the above philosophical phrase.
Through our gathered Intel, sources of whom I will withhold for purposes of not pre-emptying your further investigations about our accusations in this Petition and for the purposes of protecting the security of my sources from compromise or threats.
I wish bring to your attention serious accusations against Mr. Kitatta Ibrahim⁩  for;

  1. Abuse of office
  2. An act of esponage, treachery & disloyalty.
    The above  accusations can only be satisfied with an instant penalty of summary dismissal of Mr. Kitatta Ibrahim from the office of the National Chairman and instant Vacation of the office of PRO ONC.
    The facts pertaining the above accusations are herein disclosed for your attention as provided below;
  3. Ilegal soliciting of kickbacks. On several occasions Kitatta has been collecting to a percentage of 40 the monies given to mobilizers as either their commission or facilitations.
  4. Ilegal demand of a cut from renumeration/salary given to fellow staff at ONC with unfair threats of terminating or dismissing fellow staff.
  5. Inflating of prices of everything while executing his duties of PRO ONC. For istance demanding high prices of television presentations even when some are given free of charge.
  6. Blocking volunteer assertive mobilizers from accessing the Chief Muzukulu a case in point Sadam Ismail.
  7. Blackmailing and Bad Mouthing fellow mobilizers a case in point Mr. Kiberu Abd Maliki⁩ 
  8. Falsifying report with a certain ISO boss to blackmail the Chief Muzukulu before the President.
  9. Attempting to backstab the Chief Muzukulu before the President. (Snaking)
  10. Attempting to Change the ONC security details.
  11. Undermining the authority and guidance of the Chief Muzukulu 
  12. Failure to give proper & honest accountability of funds allocated to him to run the office of the PRO ONC.
    The above accusations are grave and it is on this note that we demand for; 
    1.The immediate impeachment, termination or dismissal Mr. Kitatta Ibrahim from the office of the PRO ONC.
  13. The said Kitatta Ibrahim still conducts himself as the PRO ONC on his official Twitter account and several other social media handles belonging to him. A stringent or strict restrictions must be put on him to erase and remove all phrases of his connection with the office of the PRO ONC otherwise he will continue to illegally conduct himself as the PRO ONC to the unlikely manner or to the disadvantage of the office of the National Chairman.
    We humbly request for your Positive response to this Petition in 7 days from now.

In our next story, we are going to bring you the genesis of Kitatta-ONC war and who are behind this fight to bring down Hajjat Namyalo. Kitatta has aldo spoken to us.

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