MITYANA Municipality legislator Francis Butebi Zaake who was recenty rushed to a California Hospital in the United States of America for urgent medical attention, might miss out on the 11th Parliament swearing-in list, come May this year, says his family!
It is not known whether by that time, the MP will have completely recovered and discharged from the United States of America hospital.
On February 18th, Hon. Zaake was flown to the US for specialized treatment due to his paralyzed legs and the issue of light in his eyes as advised by official physician at home based Lubaga Hospital. 
“I pray that the US doctors do everything necessary so that I get back into perfect shape.” Said the legislator on arrival. On January 14th 2021, this youngest legislator in the 10th Parliament massively won an election for his second term, beating hands down ruling NRM Candidate John Mary Bugembe and DP’s Abraham Luzzi.

Before he was flown to the US, Hon. Zaake went through different physiotherapy sessions at Lubaga Hospital in Kampala which involved the use of electric currents passed through his body to stimulate the nerves and muscles, chiefly in the treatment of body pain and paralysis. 
Amidst too much pain at Lubaga Hospital, Zaake said, “Today’s Pain is Tomorrow’s Power! The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory” 

Hon Zaake’s health situation, who insiders in National Unity Platform (NUP) eye to be appointed Leader of Opposition  (LOP) of the 11th Parliament is yet to improve.
However, the family says, “Doctors in USA are doing everything possible to bring the legislator to perfect health as soon as possible.”
“Hon. Zaake is carrying out intensive outpatient- activities in different hospitals in USA. Expert medical doctors diagnosed him with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that is usually triggered and at the same time worsened by the torture ordeals he has been subjected to by the Uganda Police and the Military on several occasions.” Reads a statement from the family. 
His eyes are treated, observed and examined by different eyesight professionals including an optician, optometrist and ophthalmologist. 
He was diagnosed with corneal abrasions (‘bruises’) where the cornea, the outermost layer of the eye, is said to have been injured by a chemical substance that security operatives sprayed into his eyes as they arrested him in April last year. 
“I am now using antibiotic eye drops and creams which I apply 3 times a day so that I completely regain my eye-sight such that I won’t have to use glasses anymore.” MP  Zaake told this news Website.
He adds, “As for my broken leg, physians are controlling the paralysis in the muscle nerves, and gradually handling the alignment of my legs. I expect to fully recover in about 6 weeks from now.”
The MP  thanked his doctors both in Uganda and USA who have done their best for him to regain his heath.

“I also thank my beloved President Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi, fellow Mityana Municipality constituents and all Ugandans for your prayers. As for my family, thank you for taking care of me. I will be fine, I will return, we must reclaim our victory.” Said Hon. Zaake.
“Regarding the struggle, even as I am confined to my sickbed, I will not give up. We are not giving up regardless of the repression imposed on us. I will start from where I had stopped. Our struggle is within our souls. You may weaken our bodies but not our resolve. We are still firm and focused. It is only a few of us confined to sickbeds, jail cells, torture Chambers and the like. Majority of those in the struggle are free. Our struggle will continue until our country is free from the chains of dictatorship.” Posted Hon. Zaake when he was still at Lubaga Hospital.
On January 16th, Hon. Zaake was beaten badly by security officials on his way to Hon. Kyagulanyi’s Magere residence.
He was later brutaly arrested and thrown at Kasangati police Station where NUP officials picked and rushed him to Lubaga Hospital to save his life.
It was at this hospital that doctors advised the MP to seek for better medicaton from Abroad.

Mwesiigwa Alex Navey; Thanks Comrade Zaake for letting us know what is going on and the therapies you are undertaking!!
Some of us are ever worried about your life ever since the regime started to make it a point to finish your life but God is ever with you Comrade. Quick Recovery Hero.
Eddie Baziwe: That’s good news to read about your health status. Thanks be to God who is causing the improvement in your health. Continue improving my dear. May the grace of God be sufficient upon your life.
Kristina Maganda: I strongly and very hopeful know that God will answer my prayers towards you Hon Zaake that you completely heal.
Mudong Mozesto: Here in the north-eastern part of the country we are praying for you Hon. Zaake. I truly recognize your effort towards the struggle that has caused you all this pain. It’s my hope that God will answer our prayers one day.
Choosen Love: Our God never fails and I pray that he heals you completely our dear vice president. You are going through too much pain because you choose to fight for freedom, justice and good governance in Uganda.
Charles Kaggwa: The one who healed people while on Earth is able to stretch his healing hand to you right now as well.
Quickest recovery Honourable Zaake
Edward Ssekikubo: Quick recovery Hon. MP. I just appreciate your sacrifice because some people are looking for asylum due to fear of their lives although none of them has gone through the same torture like you.
Prossienment Assignmets; Even though the English had gone beyond but at least I have tried to understand it after reading for several times. Let God continue working on your life so that you can enjoy your life again. We will continue praying for you dear
Bill A M Bill: We praise and glorify the lord for his unlimited grace,favor and devine healing upon your pain of torture and Agony of sorrow! But most importantly for protecting to see a new  dawn. Ugandans will live to tell this story for generations to come as men of “inspiration ”Indeed, we are grateful for your speedy recovery and pray that you return safely for successful finish and win this revolution of defeating the deadly dictatorship in our country.
Rick GogginsBobi: We give thanks to the Almighty for the healing process. I personally thank you for your tremendous work within the struggle which is visibly seen. But mostly in Mityana district where you managed to scoop almost all the slots and victory.  You are such a blessing to this generation, Hon.  Zaake. Quick Recovery
Lwanyaga Vincent: I come from mityana and in fact,  your neighbor in Buswabulongo village. We pray to the Almighty such that you come back when you have completely healed.
Cindy Adoli: Glory be to the Most High. May he continue manifesting his mighty powers through his doctors that he has put in place. Speedy recovery Hon. Zaake.
Irene Kisaakye: I thank you my good LORD for the gift of our freedom fighter Francis Zaake. Dear May our best Doctor Jesus Christ continue healing him. Our stronger GOD rescue our victory, rescue our country Uganda, wipe our tears, judge us, GOD is stronger than satan.
Josephine Kisakye: We love you dearly and still thanking God for your total healing over your entire body. Read Isaiah 49 : 26 -27. God richly bless you.

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